Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Press Release

As I said in my opening blog "Introducing Myself" I will not be repeating things that are in the book, and I will not be using the blog to "push" sales either, but I am issuing a press release on 1 December to selected print and online magazines, newspapers and journalists in many countries. This release includes a 50% reduction in the book price for December, and since a considerable number of people (more than I had expected) are checking in on the blog I felt it was only fair that these people should have advance notice. I would not like a follower of my blog to buy the book in the next few weeks and then discover they could have bought it at half price if they had known about the offer.

I would also like to advise that the blog will be much improved in appearance very soon. Patrick will do the new design for me. Anyway, press release...........

“HOW NOT TO MAKE MILLIONS – but still enjoy a rich rural life” took 60 years to write.

Author Alan McDonald began gardening at the age of seven and 60 years later is still gardening and farming.

Juncal do Campo, Portugal, 1st December 2011 – Alan McDonald currently resident on his rural property near Juncal do Campo in the Castelo Branco area of Portugal has published “HOW NOT TO MAKE MILLIONS – but still enjoy a rich rural life” a book of over 250 pages that describes how he reached his goal of being a farmer despite frequently having been told it was not possible because he did not have the money needed to do so. The book goes on to give the reader the decades of experience and wealth of knowledge acquired by the author in England, Australia, Scotland and Portugal.

For a limited time, expiring on 31st December, an electronic book version that is normally priced at US$9 will be available at a very generous 50% discount at To take advantage of this offer, use the Coupon Code PX47D.

Numerous books have been written that tell of would be farmers moving to a rural life but this is not one of them. The author was reared on his father’s smallholding so he was a country boy from the beginning and not an urbanite who fell into the many traps awaiting newcomers. Whilst it is very unlikely that anyone else can have such a wide experience of food production and the way of life in so many diverse places on their own land, the story of his farming and gardening in different countries is only a part of this remarkable book. The experience gained, what works and what does not, plus warnings of what might befall the unwary, is all passed on to the reader as suggestions to be considered and not instructions that must be followed. We are led from first beginning to look for a piece of land all the way through to devouring its produce. This makes it a book of great interest too for town and city dwellers concerned about their future ability to purchase wholesome food. Being an ebook it is also an instantaneous reference source for easy future use.

Born in Ashington and raised close to Morpeth, Northumberland, UK, Alan McDonald began work for the local council on leaving school, but was always determined that he would be a farmer. He married a local girl in 1971 and they bought their first few acres. After moving to bigger farms in Northumberland and Australia, they moved back to Scotland and then on to Portugal where they enjoy life with their garden, field crops, olive trees and goats together with the simple pleasures of good food, good wine and occasional good company.

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