Thursday, 24 November 2011

Introducing myself

I use the name Old McDonald on various forums around the world, and so it seemed appropriate to use it for my blog. My surname is McDonald and I am old.
When I was about 7 years old my father let me have a few square yards of land and I began to grow vegetables on it. I sold the produce. This was the whole idea of him allowing me to use it. He knew as well as I did that I wanted to be a farmer when I grew up and this was the starting point. He had wanted to be one too, but his father was a blacksmith not a farmer, and so he worked down the coalmines. At the end of WWII he bought a very small smallholding, a smallholding being known as a hobby farm in some parts of the world. So he was able to let me have a tiny piece of his land for my own use. He knew I would have a great uphill struggle to become a farmer (he had to continue working in the pits) but he encouraged me when the rest of the world said it was impossible.
From the very beginning I kept records of what I did with my little piece of land. From then to the present day is a long story - a 60 years long story. The details of where I have been in the meantime and my experiences of farming and gardening in various countries are contained in my records and that long story. I eventually made them into an ebook format at and if you click on the link and access the free sample you will be able to read much more about me and the places where I have farmed and gardened. The contents page lists the countries and the Preface will give you a good idea of how I think.
I will not be repeating things from the ebook in this blog, but instead writing about my present farming and gardening on my current property, which is a little over six and a half hectares or 16 acres in the middle of Portugal. I will post on a regular basis provided there is something of interest to write about, and I already have a couple of things from the past few weeks partially drafted. The next post should follow very soon after this one.

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